Iliana P.

A mom of three Papalote kids - Etzely, Etzkalia and Etzarline

"I have seen such an unbelievable improvement, in all three of my daughters Spanish; color recognition for my 4 year old, having better conversations in Spanish with the right tenses form my 5th and 6th graders, and listening to them read in Spanish. I'm so thankful for Papalote for enriching my daughter's bilingual and bicultural experiences, Muchas Gracias Maestra."

Cristina S.

A Papalote mom speaks 4 languages

"I heard about Martha's classes first from a chain email sent by another mom and it caught my eye because I was looking for a Spanish teacher for my daughter. My daughter grew up bilingual and started another language at age 5. I speak 4 languages myself and this must have impacted her when she asked to learn Spanish. I couldn't have been happier. I then met Martha in person at a school function and immediately liked her caring personality. Then I discovered Papalote's website, I didn't immediately linked it to Martha but came to realize quickly who the person behind Papalote was. I talked to her and asked a million questions about her Summer Spanish camp. I liked her approach and decided to enroll my daughter. I'm happy I did! My daughter learned Spanish while having fun in a small camp, where I knew she'd be well cared for.

We will continue learning Spanish with Martha through the school year!"

Celia W.

A Papalote family oriented into learning a third language

"My daughter had a great time learning Spanish from Martha! We love it that it's full immersion so she learns naturally. She likes her projects, games, and songs. Her small class size means everyone gets to participate and have fun. We also appreciate cultural celebration events that Martha organizes around Latin holidays, and she never forgets to end a party with a piƱata for the kids!"